Igo navigation user manual english sign language

By tapping the button, you can select a new language from the list of available languages. We are here to share our ideas and thoughts with you about navigation and our products. User manual igo navigation app navigation software for the igo navigation app uk english august 2016, ver. You can set the distance units to be used by the program. The saved storage space means that you can take as many selfies and time lapse videos as your heart desires. The application will restart if you change this setting.

In this tutorial we will go through the basic navigation settings. At nng, our mission is to increase peoples quality of life, by reducing the stress of the daily commute. Select the language and speaker used for voice guidance messages. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In this tutorial, we will go over some useful tips and tricks to customize your app and bring the best out of your journeys. For instructions on using the shop, continue with the next chapter in this guide.

The language of the application is taken from the language settings of igo. When using the navigation software for the first time, an initial setup process starts automatically. Selected map location cursor and selected map object you can mark a map location in the following ways. The position information obtained from the gps receiver will not be transmitted anywhere, so others will not be able to track you by the help of this program. This post requires you to click the like this post button to see attachments. As the global leader in whitelabel navigation solutions and developer of the standard setting igo navigation range we have expanded our. If you need any other help, please visit our website for help. How to import downloaded txt or poi file into igo8. You can use it easily by tapping the screen buttons and the map with your fingertips. The language of the application is taken from the language settings of igo navigation app. It will determine your exact location with the help of an connected gps device.

You are now asked whether you allow the software to collect usage information and gps logs that may be used for improving the application and the quality of maps. User manual map of ukraine for gps navigation by carte. To provide seamless experiences, that make every trip more personal. Select the written language of the application interface. What kind of operating system do i need to run igo navigation. The igo navigation app requires less storage space than other offline navigation apps, so you can save your storage for more important things like photos, videos, and music. At the top of the screen, road signs show you additional information. Later you can change it in regional settings page 100. Access the user profiles menu where you can create new profiles or edit the existing ones. This button displays the current written language of the user interface. Later you can change it in regional settings page 126. You must obey the traffic signs and follow the road geometry.

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