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In this newspaper article it said,robert washington,age 17,captain of the hazelwood high school basketball team, was killed last night in a fiery automobile accident on i. Sharon m drapers hazelwood high trilogy has stuck with me since the day i started it and today i decided to revisit the first book, tears of a tiger. The main character andy is drunk driven and kills his friend i think this book can teach people. Tears of a tiger was originally written to stand alone, but it has become known as part of sharon drapers trilogy about hazelwood high. Summary tears of a tiger begins as a set of boys winning there basketball game and wanting to go out and celebrate by having a good time and drinking. From beginning to end, draper gives you all the details of what is happening around this tragic story. Carson was one of the people in the car accident that killed rob washington. He also feels misunderstood by his parents, and wants to be a lawyer. It depicts the story of a seventeenyearold african american boy named andrew andy jackson. Carson gerald nickelby keisha is andy jacksons girlfriend and is the only person he is not afraid to cry in front of them. In tears of a tiger what are all the character traits of andy answers.

I understood and connected with andy more than i could with most characters ive read about in the past. The key theme is about dealing with guilt and depression after the death of a friend. The book tears of a tiger by sharon draper is a book that i dedicate to all alcoholics out there in this world. Tears of a tiger by sharon draper 192 pages this book deals the issues that can or already influence every teenager in america. Tears of a tiger characters listed with descriptions. List of characters in tears of a tiger by chance carter on prezi keisha b. Tears of a tiger chapters 120 pages 180 activity bundle this is a very comprehensive 100 page bundle of instructional resources and activities related to chapters 120 of the novel, tears of a tiger by susan draper. On page 1, there was a newspaper article called, teen basketball star killed in fiery crash. Buy a cheap copy of tears of a tiger book by sharon m. If so, then you can relate to andy, the main character in sharon drapers novel tears of a tiger. Ive never been one to shy away from teaching content because a character. The first edition of the novel was published in october 1st 1994, and was written by sharon m. Each book can stand alone and be read without the others, however.

I remember the long discussions about it during class and how passionate we all were about our opinions of the characters. Use examples from the book to support your statements. Andrew jackson or as his friends called him, andy was having a great life. Andrewalso known as andy jackson, a basketball player who has his license, and his girlfriend keisha, have been going steady for a few months.

Characterization webs for the novel tears of a tiger by sharon. The death of high school basketball star rob washington in an automobile accident affects. Andy, keshia, rhonda, and robby the main characters in my opinion. In this second book of the hazelwood high trilogy, sharon m. Tears of a tiger character playlist by lauraetta stowersjones on. I wrote tears of a tiger first, but forged by fire happens first. Start reading tears of a tiger hazelwood high trilogy book 1 on your kindle in. In the book, andy is talking to a counselor about rob and wants to break down, however he keeps it together because rob wouldnt want him to break down. Who are the characters in tears of a tiger answers. He was the captain of the basketball team, sees darkness as his future, and dates keisha. Draper uses a brilliant variety of styles and voices. Coretta scott king awardwinner and national teacher of the year, sharon m.

You could tell that a teacher wrote this book because she tried to replicate the speech of her students. It addresses the issues of peer pressure, sorrow, death, friendship, teen drinking, guilt and teen suicide. A great book to read if you want some incite on africanamerican lives, depression, suicide. It is an inspiring story of a young man who rises above the tragic circumstances of his life by drawing on the love and strength of family and friends. She sticks by andy through tough times, even though hes dealing with some exceptionally dark stuff. This novel unit student packet for the book tears of a tiger has chapter questions, vocabulary worksheets, and graphic organizers for students to fill in as they analyze the characters and the plot. Tears of a tiger is told through multiple different points of view. A great book to read if you want some incite on africanamerican lives, depression, suicide, stereotypes. Keishaa best friend and was the one who dropped off andys chemistry homework at the end of the book and finds the huge discovery with andys mother and brother. Draper portrays an africanamerican teenager who feels driven to consider suicide in after a car accident kills robert, andys best friend and teammate on the hazelwood high tigers, andy doesnt know if he can go on. It was first published by atheneum in 1994, and later on february 1, 1996 by simon pulse, and is the first book of the hazelwood high trilogy.

The third book in the hazelwood trilogy, darkness before dawn, was written to answer all the questions i received about what happened to the characters in the first two books. I have also provided one blank graphic organizer so that you can give students the opportunity to use whatever character from the novel they want. He is a male, who is guilty and suicidal after killing his best friend in a drunken driving accident. Tears of a tiger explain how each character reacts to robbies death in the book tears of a tiger. Tears of a tiger, written by sharon draper, is a young adult novel thats appropriate for middleschool and highschool students. If you like those types of books, then tears of a tiger by sharon draper is the book for you. The song shows that time is an important part of trying to change the outcome of something for the best. In a scene after robs death, maybe andy could sit in his room and listen to this in thought of rob. In the book tears of the a tiger andy girlfriend name was keisha asked in books and literature who are the maincharacters in tears of a tiger. In the first book of the hazelwood high trilogy, basketball player andy jackson deals with the aftermath of the car accident that killed his best friend. Tears of a tiger book andy committed suicide youtube. Tears of a tiger hazelwood high trilogy book 1 and millions of other books are available for instant access.

The main characters in the book tears of a tiger answers. The main characters of this young adult, realistic fiction story are. This book is exactly how i remembered, heartbreaking. When drinking and driving turns out to in there night in a negative effect their life changes forever. Drapers tears of a tiger that has enough courage and conviction not to participate in drinking but not enough confidence to stand up to his friend who. This onepage guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of tears of a tiger by sharon draper. Andy is the star basket ball player of hazelwood high school, the captain. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The novel focuses on the main character, andy, a high school basketball player who kills his best friend robbie in a car accident after drinking and driving one night. When i was asked to do a second book, i decided to take a minor character from the first book and develop him as the major character of the next book. Resolution the resolution of the book is when andy is getting all his emotions biult up and gets depressed. Lesson plans should focus on relevant teen issues, such as drinking and driving, suicide, depression and coping with loss. List of characters in tears of a tiger by chance carter on.

Rhonda is the girlfriend of tyrone and help keshia out along the way. Free download or read online tears of a tiger pdf epub book. Tears of a tiger welcome to the official site of sharon draper. Montys last words to andy in the book tears of a tiger by camren griggs, mean that monty wants all the best for andy. The one thing that i disliked throughout the entire book was the way that these kids talked. This book is dedicated, with love, to my parents, victor and catherine mills, who gave me wings to fly. In this lesson, youll get a summary of the novel and its main.

While rhonda does not have a close relationship with andy, her character. The book has been awarded with john steptoe new talent author award 1995, and many others. Start a free 30day trial today and get your first audiobook free. Tears of a tiger by sharon draper is about a basketball captain from hazelwood high school named robert, also known as rob who also has a best friend name andrew also known as andy. Drapers first book and i think its obvious due to its the only book in the trilogy written the way it is, with the unique style but the writing is the weakest. Tears of a tiger is a young adult novel written by sharon draper. J, tyrone, and robert where four best friends who joked and played around but they didnt realize having much fun can lead to trouble, big trouble. Andy is obviously the standout character in the novel, as it is about him, keisha is a prominent character and helps push andy along, though may. Tears of a tiger by sharon draper was a fabulos book.

While the novel is told from a variety of viewpoints, andy jackson is its protagonist. Tears of a tiger is a 1994 novel that tells the story of bad teenage decisions and the consequences that follow. This covers pages 180 or the first half of the novel through the chapter. Later that day when his family got there they saw a red stain comming through the. A vocabulary list featuring tears of a tiger by sharon m. In good conscience, i cannot teach a book to kids who have enough disturbing messages thrown at them from all sources on a daily basis as it is. Write an essay that analyzes the difference between at least two characters points of view about the same subject. Tears of a tiger is a 1994 teen novel by american author sharon m. Draper has woven characters and events from tears of a tiger in an unflinchingly realistic portrayal of poverty and child abuse. This song relates to the book tears of a tiger because it shows that sometimes you have act on things before you cant change the outcome. Various youth have said that wont happen to me or i can handle my alcohol or i am ok to drive, i just had a few. So when i read tears of a tiger, i figured this is exactly what sharon draper was trying to do when she used the characters conversations to tell the story.

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