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This is also in line with the load ratings for other components of the lifting assembly such as slings, shackles, etc. A quick hand structural analysis of a metric simple span beam with a distributed load. Design and construction of lifting beams semantic scholar. Aisc manual of steel construction asd, ninth edition, 1989 1. Lifting beam calculation bending beam structure scribd. It covers all aspects of the selection, design, manufacture, verification, testing, repair, modification, storage, inspection and safe use of lifting beams and spreader beams. Each unit is designed for your specific application and complies with asme standards. Spreader beams lift loads with single or multiple attachment points. Likewise, the lifting beam will have two corresponding lift features.

Dynamic factor when the movement of the precast unit is performed by lifting gear, dynamic forces that depend on the lifting gear used, appear. Our spreader beams are specially designed to provide you with a lightweight solu tion so your cranes can work at maximum capacity without the weight of heavy. Omer blodgett, design of welded structures, 1966 2. A lifting beam is a solid or fabricated m etal beam, suspended from a hoistcrane or from forks of a forklift, designed to pro vide multiple lifting points. A belowthehook lifting device that utilizes two or more hooks attaching devices located along a beam and the spreader beam attaches to the hoist by means of a bail. Peerless lifting beams are prooftested to 125% capacity and suitable for stabilizing heavy loads and can be utilized where headroom is limited.

The table of contents next page lists the sections covered and contains links to each section. Design aid 6 beam design formulas with shear and moment. Avon engineering designs spreader beams for safety, durability and simple operation. In this study, a 2x400 ton gantry crane main beam is designed and analysis with numerical method is performed. Regardless of how the lifting capacity is established, the next step is to calculate the forces that act on the beam. Lifting beam calculation free download as excel spreadsheet. Spreader beam calculation free download as pdf file. The working load acting on the main beam is 800 tons. The objective is to perform the design calculations for the lifting beams considering for a capacity of 350 tones as per the specifications and then. A lifting beam can also be used as a strong back to provide multiple lifting points on a relatively flexible object see fig. This low headroom lifting beam handles large loads using. The spreader beam is used to handle long or wide load and serves to spread the load over more than one lifting point.

Mathcad spreader beam design calculations as per dnv 5th ver. Some lifting beams are made with a bottom lug aligned directly below the top lug so that, if the need arises, an occasional straight pick can be made without the inconvenience of having to remove the lifting beam. Ricker, design and construction of lifting beams, engineering journal, 4th quarter, 1991. When lifting and carrying precast elements, the lifting load has to be. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Spreadsheet part 2 for the design and verification of lifting lugs and padeyes. Four point lifting beams handle large loads using multiple pick points. Ricker lifting beams also known as spreader beams are used to underside for attachment to the object to.

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